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FIFA Mobile 2018 – How To Collect Currency?

FIFA Mobile 2018 – How To Collect Currency?

The FIFA Mobile 2018 is one of the best football based games available on the internet follow us. It is developed by adding different types of features. The game lovers from the different parts of the world are engaged in playing the particular game. Its complete credit goes to the developers and idea which is followed by them. It is available with a user-friendly interface which is supporting to the players every time. The AI controlling mode of playing the game is a perfect example of it.

Ways to collect coins

Now it comes to the progress. Players need to build a strong football team first in the game. By it, they are able to face and defeat different types of opponents in any type of condition. For it, the players are required to collect huge amount coins in the account. Following ways are helpful in gathering sufficient amount of coins –

Level up – when you are playing the game and win a match at that time some XP points are credited to your game account. The progress of XP level is clearly based on these points. With every upgrade or increment of XP level, players receive a good amount of coins. This particular reward amount is associated with numerous beneficial things like energy levels.

Attack mode – it is the game playing mode. If you want to collect coins rapidly then you should play more matches in the attack mode. By it, players are able to gather lots of rewards continuously. The reward of attack mode is available in the form of coins.

Events – the events are organized with a huge amount of reward. The winner of the event is rewarded with lots of coins and other things. In case, you do not become the winner or hold good position then the reward amount is based on the efforts. More efforts you put in the game, more amount of coins credited to the amount with Fifa Mobile 2018 hack.